Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The story of me begin....

@>----Assalammualaikum w.b.t ----<@

Finally!! I have my own blog!!!!!! yea!!!!! ^_^

Agak gembira la bila da establishkn blog sndiri.

okey! now its time for ice breaking.

Juz call me Sha or klu nk formal ckit Cikgu Aishah.

Yup! sy seorng Cikgu!!!!! hehehe.... berasal dr Melaka Bandaraya Warisan Dunia! (very proud of it!). Sy anak sulung dr 5 org adik bradik! dtg dr keluarga yg sederhana tetapi penuh dgn kasih syg.... ^_^ i love my family so much!!! i am single but not available. (belong to Mr. A. hehe...)

Prinsip hdup sy sungguh simple. " life is like a boom-a-rang,the more good u throw out,the more u receive in return.." . Sy x suka sshkn org n sy x suka org ssh kerana sy. i am so independent,very open mainded n very understanding yet a very good listener n secret keeper! i am not a hypocrite person n hate hypocrite teller!! so be urself n enjoy ur life like u havent enjoy it before! that's it! nothing much to say 4 diz time.

okey! diz is me!! a very childish version of me.. hehe.. mklum la .. ckgu tabika..

n diz is my really happy family!!!

n my very2 big family!!!!

p/s: love em' all... ^_^

okey! enough for today! pasni sy akn citerkn ape yg sy telah alami sepnjang hdup sy. stay tuned!! n watch out!! papye!!

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